If you or a loved one need to qualify for Medicaid or to plan ahead to make qualification easier, there are some critically important numbers that you need to know.  These numbers are updated every year and are key to being able to qualify or to plan to qualify.  As a Grandville law firm with a significant Elder Law practice, we post these numbers to our blog to provide you with a handy, one-stop place to get them all.  So, without further ado, here they are:

Maximum community spouse resource allowance: $126,420
Minimum community spouse resource allowance: $25,284
Maximum monthly maintenance needs allowance: $3,090
Minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance: $2,057.50
Shelter standard: $617.25
Standard utility allowance: $609
Individual resource allowance: $2,000
Resource allowance for a couple: $3,000 (husband and wife both reside in the same facility)
Monthly personal needs allowance: $60
Divestment penalty divisor: $8,469

If you are uncertain about what these numbers mean, what they are used for, want to make sure you are on the right path, or want to make sure that you have a skilled Elder Law Attorney guiding you through the process, give us a call!